The Demand Side (2013 - 2016)

The Demand Side aims to describe and explain the behavior of individual voters before, during and after national elections. Our general aims for the 2013-2015 period are:

  • to provide data for and carry out research on the main topics of voter behavior, such as the effects of social structure, partisanship, and political issues on vote choice.
  • to address new research questions: for example, how campaigns and media reporting influence voters' attitudes and decisions; whether there are specific causes and consequences of turnout and voting behavior for voters aged 16 and 17; and why citizens support the radical-right in Austria.

Our research will rely on the various mass surveys we have developed for the Austrian national elections in 2013 (pre-post election panel survey, rolling-cross-section survey with a panel component).

The project part 'Demand Side/Voting Behavior' also uses information from the other project parts to capture voters' behavior by taking effects of electoral campaigning and media reporting into account. We will combine the data of the project parts 'Supply Side' and 'Media Side' with our individual-level data sets, thus building on the integrated research design of AUTNES.